Recipe: Soft poached eggs with roasted chestnut mushrooms

Whilst we enjoy seeing you at Les 110 de Taillevent restaurant we understand that on occasion you may wish to eat at home.

If you’re looking for a breakfast, brunch, starter or light meal, Head Chef Raphael Grima’s recipe for Soft poached eggs with roasted chestnut mushrooms is the perfect solution.


4 Eggs

4 Slices grilled sourdough bread

For the mushroom puree:

200g Chestnut mushrooms

2 Shallots

50ml White wine

1 Chicken stock cube

250ml Double cream



For the roasted mushrooms:

100g Chestnut mushrooms

20g Butter

For the Parmesan emulsion:

500ml Milk

150g Parmesan, cubed



Serves: 4, Cooking time: Cook 45 minutes

First, start on the Parmesan emulsion. Heat the milk with garlic and thyme until warm, and then add the small cubes of Parmesan to the milk. Leave it to infuse for 30 minutes, before blending the mix until smooth and passing through a strainer.

Whilst the Parmesan emulsion is infusing, sweat the shallots in a pan with garlic and thyme, followed by the chestnut mushrooms. Once roasted, deglaze with white wine, add chicken stock and cream. Blend the mixture until smooth.

In a separate pan, roast the remaining chestnut mushrooms with a knob of butter, parsley and butter.

For the poached eggs, bring a saucepan of water to boil and gently lower the cracked eggs into the water. Leave for 5 1/2 minutes before carefully removing with a slotted spoon.

To plate, assemble the poached eggs on top of toasted sourdough. Scatter the roasted mushrooms around the toast and dress with Parmesan emulsion. Garnish with roughly chopped parsley.

If chestnut mushrooms aren’t available they can be replaced with seasonal mushrooms.

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More about Chef Raphael Grima…

Born and raised in the Provencal village of St Paul de Vence, Raph was inspired by the many flavours and colours of this Mediterranean region. From a young age he spent time cooking with family members using the best of the local and seasonal ingredients.

Moving to Paris, Raph quickly entered Michelin kitchens under the pupillage of famous French chefs such as Gerard Besson, Roland Durand and Michael Rostang at restaurants Gerard Besson, Le Passiflore, and Michel Rostang. During these pupilages Raph learned the disciplines of classic French cuisine, experimented with the fusion of French and Asian food and mastering plating of dishes.

Always in the search of a new challenge Raph joined the team of Vide Design where he experimented with cuisine working alongside the senses – perfumes, light, touch and flavour in particular.

Raph joined the Taillevent family in 2012 working under Emile Cotte in two-Michelin starred Le Taillevent and it’s Parisian sister restaurant Les 110 de Taillevent.   Here Raph refined his skills and learnt the DNA of Taillevent.

It was a natural move for Raphael to move to London and launch Les 110 de Taillevent at Cavendish Square in 2015. Heading up his own kitchen Raph brings experience of classic French dishes along with his modern interpretation along with the knowledge of pairing dishes to bring out the best of the paired wines.

He is now a mentor himself to his young talented team of Chefs working alongside the restaurant Sommelier and his team.

In his free time Raph enjoys dining in the vibrant London and trips back to France to revisit his favourite restaurants, sharing his discoveries on Instagram of course.

Monday, August 21st, 2017

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